A successful story of cleft lips/palate operation (February)

With kind support of “the World Together”, the surgery operations was engaged to Ma Yone Ei Phyu at Pinlon Hospital, Yangon.

Obviously, her face is turning to be a pretty girl two months after cleft Lip operation. We have complete confidence in her. Look her eyes, it clearly see that she can capable to perform in her life. Her father said that the memory of his daughter is amazingly increasing, and she can easily memorize in pre-school lesson. According to her mother, she is getting more confidence in playing with others neighboring children nearby that she never did before. As all family members are living in a big compound, she is always playing with her big brother and cousins. We trust that she will never shy and scare to other strangers like before. What she wants right now is to go to school with other cousins, study the lesson, doing homework and playing with friends. She becomes more active and brave to do new learning. The parents want her to be a sharp, bright educated girl. They said they will never ever forget the donors World Together, implementers-KT Care staff, and volunteers because they trust that their daughter will bring all of their hopes, she is now overcoming birth defeated facial deformity, and she becomes a beautiful girl, and she can show-off with this new good looking face in entire life. Her future fills with hope.

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KT Care Foundation not only focuses of health and well being of communities, we also offer scholarship programs for those who need financial support with their education.

Miss Maw Maw Aung lost his parents during the cyclone Nargis on May 2,2008. It was a traumatic experience for everyone across Myanmar. KT care foundation offer scholarship to her in order for her to receive further education for better purposes.

“I am happy to say everything is going well with my scholarship and my school work. I am a math major- Master Student and now studying for first year. I have been supported by KT Care Foundation more than 4 year, since first year of Bachelor degree on 2009.

I am really thankful for the encouragement I get from KT care. To show my gratitude, I plan to work there during my school break and after I graduated from my university. The foundation has been very supportive with my education fees, meal allowance, and my apartment rental fees with no worries. I would be grateful if KT Care would continue providing a scholarship to University students who are difficult in their studies fees. I believe it would open opportunities for better jobs and encourage students to fulfill their dreams.”

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Success story of cleft lips/palate operation (February 7th)

Before operation, Ma May Zin Nway was like a poor recluse girl, very reluctant to going outside for talking others and making money. During a monitoring donor visit with World Together, we have been to her home nearby outskirt area of Hinthada township. When we reached there, she already got back from morning bean pick up shift in nearby farm yards. It is a seasonal casual job that last for 2-3 weeks. She expressed that she is planning to go nearby villages for making more money with her friends to do the same seasonal job. Obviously she dare to go outside and dealing with others without hesitating. No friend teases her and jokes at her anymore. She is now communicating with others with full of confidence. She got fully satisfaction with her new face.

As the family are living with very low income, they could not able to afford to give her the surgeries that they need her to live a productive life. She thought the operations will never happen in her life. She said a dream comes true that she dream about operations all the time. She feels very happy and nothing different with others. Like others, she can communicate with others, making money like others, and enjoying with social dealing with others. The whole families said they are very pleased with this satisfaction especially for their daughter of having in a good healthy condition and escaping of facial deformity.

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A successful story of cleft lips/palate operation (February 7th)

Thu Htoo San is a 7 years old boy who was born with no fingers and toes. He’s from Mawlamying Gyune Township, Ayeyarwadyy region. His mother passed away in 2010 and his father works hard to support him. He’s in second grade at his native town. Despite his physical appearances, he is a brilliant kid. Due to his cleft lips and palate situation he lost his ability to speak clearly. Other kids make fun of his looks and reject him to participate in games. This make him feel depress and lonely.

After the operation took place for his clef lips, he asked for a mirror to see the result. His father said, “ I could see how excited he was when he was staring at the mirror for so long. It makes me happy to see my boy happy.” The result pleases our little Thu Htoo San. While he was still at the hospital, he spent his time just staring at his reflection on a mirror. With a pleasant smile he said “When I get home to my village, I am going to visit everyone to show how handsome I look and that I have no facial deformity anymore,” His father expressed his deep appreciation to KT Care and the donors. He plans to encourage his child for education and help fulfilled his boy’s dream on becoming a schoolteacher.

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Donation of Phoenix Association

KT Care connected with Phoenix Association which has supported nearly 400 needy children (financial difficultly, orphans, HIV infected and affected) in 10 townships in Yangon (2014 academic year). They donated stationery and school bags for 138 children in Yangon. Some of the supported children came to collect donation items.

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