Charity Programme

Charity is praised by the Buddha in many ways, and seen as “the stairway to celestial realm” (Ministry of Religious Affairs, n.d.).

“The essence of true charity is to give something without expecting anything in return for the gift. If a person expects some material benefit to arise from his gift, he is only performing an act of bartering and not charity.”

“The act of true charity is wholesome, has no strings attached, and leaves both the giver and the recipient free.”

-Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera

Giving is the fundamental of Myanmar culture and tradition. The motivation for giving to others is as important as what is given. Donating or committing good deeds on one’s day of birth, or on the day of the week that one was born, is considered auspicious. Inspired by this tradition, KT Care created the Charity Program that provides donations thirteen times a month in honour of the Kyaw Thaung family members, on their respective birthdays. Charity refers to the direct relief of suffering and social problems.

Criteria and Guidelines: The Charity Program targets the most disadvantaged people including: women, children, orphans, the poor, the elderly, the sick and the disabled. The grants are channeled through local organizations such as charities, community based organizations, schools (public and monastic), group homes (for the aged and orphanages) and religious centers (such as pagodas or churches). Donations may also be granted to individuals referred by a charitable group. The types of needs supported by the Charity Program are diverse and include food, clothing, supplies, equipment, infrastructure repair and maintenance, vehicles, education, training, capacity-building, medical supplies, hospital expenses, and religious activities such as the soon offerings (a Buddhist ritual in which breakfast or lunch is offered to monks, and after the monks have eaten, the food becomes a feast for as many guests as desired, including family, friends, neighbours, or community members).

Institutions are invited to submit proposals for donations to If you want to know more about this program, you can directly contact 09426990394 or  01527516 via mobile. All proposals will be reviewed by KT Care on a monthly basis.

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Drinking Water fountain at a monastery
Robes donated to a Buddhist Monastery


Donations offered to Buddhist nuns
Children receive sports materials for their school.


Small Grants and donations in 2011: per type of activity and grantee


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