Farming Support Services Microfinance

After Cyclone Nargis in 2008, the affected communities in the Delta area faced difficult challenges in attempting to improve their socio-economic status. In response to this need, KT Care Foundation implemented a microfinance project for both small-scale and large-scale fishermen to restart their work with loan assistance, used for buying fishing materials. Through direct support, these fishermen and other landless laborers were able to find jobs in the fishing industry and to improve their financial situation. Moreover, at the time, local farmers faced debt, having borrowed money at high interest rates from informal money lenders to cover the investments required during the agricultural cycles. To help them escape from this cycle, KT Care implemented a microfinance project for farmers. The project provided farmers with low-interest loans for agricultural activities. 100 farmers have directly benefited from this project.

Tractor provided by KT Care for farmers
A tractor in the field, managed by two local farmers
KT Care Foundation

KT Care Foundation