Capacity Building


KT Care is engaged in the development sector and strives to improve people’s access to sustainable livelihoods, with an emphasis on reducing vulnerability to environmental threats. KT Care’s development philosophy is that every person has the right to a decent education, appropriate water and sanitation conditions and to quality health services, in order to lead a life with dignity and to fulfill their own developmental potentials. Therefore, KT Care’s development approach in its priority intervention areas follows three main different purposes:


  • Economic Development, mainly through financial and business supporting services, amongst other strategies;
  • Social and Physical Wellbeing, promoting access to quality health care, appropriate water and sanitation conditions, improved community infrastructure, etc.;
  • Capacity Building, with a strong focus on formal and non-formal training schemes for children and youth.


In order to effectively plan and implement our interventions, KT Care has a permanent field team of experts to facilitate and identify needs and to determine assistance. When external expertise is required, the organization relies on partnerships established with other organizations. For a more detailed view of the geographic scope of KT Care activities, please check the where we work. For a brief idea of KT Care’s impact on people’s life, please check the stories of change.

KT Care Foundation

KT Care Foundation