The Little Things

08 / 19 / 2016


Sometimes the things that seem like the smallest of actions can have big affects. Telling someone you like their shirt, saving them a piece of cake or even just flashing a smile. These little actions can make another person feel good. And when people feel good they spread that positivity. The domino effect of happiness occurs and the world is a little brighter because of it.
There are a number of orphanages that KT Care provides donations to; money, clothing and time. One of these is the Aung Zayar Min Monastery. Located on the outskirts of Yangon, the monastery houses an orphanage which currently has 2,300 children living there. Some are there long term, other short term. There are kids whose parents have passed away. Others who have parents that are sick and can’t take care of them at this particular moment. Everyone’s story is different. But the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they’re young.  And life can be tough when you’re a kid, especially when you’re without parents.

Last week KT Care staff and a few guests took a trip to Aung Zayar Min Monastery to make a monetary donation. But when we went we brought more than just money. We brought treats for the kids and we brought smiles. We didn’t just hand over the cookies and leave. No, we played with the kids. We listened to them sing songs. We took their pictures and showed them the photos. We smiled at them. And they smiled back.
The monks that live in the monastery provide a lot for theses children. They act as their teachers and their caregivers, their friends and their disciplinarians. They do so much for them. And it’s obvious the affection these kids have for them. And it’s obvious the affection the monks have for the children. It’s a happy place. Though many of these children have endured sadness in their short lives, the monastery provides these kids with a happy sanctuary where they can feel safe and feel loved.


The smiles and treats that we gave the children at the Aung Zayar Min Monastery were small tokens. But they gave the children a big feeling of happiness and joy. And the smiles and laughter the children gave to us were small tokens. But they left us with a big feeling of contentment. We went to the monastery to give gifts to the children, but we left the monastery with the greatest gift we could have asked for, a child’s smile.


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