Success story of cleft palate patient

35 years old, Ma ( ) is the mother of a daughter and she is from Kyone Thin village of Maubin Township which is located in Ayeyarwady Division. She had difficulty eating since her childhood due to the cleft palate. Moreover, she couldn’t talk clearly as other people do and until now she couldn’t speak with clarity since she was able to start speaking. She didn’t know that her cleft palate can be cured by surgery as she lives in a rural village. She learned about the surgery from television and met with ‘Nhaung Kyoe Myittar Charity group’. They connected her with KT Care Foundation and the surgery was successfully done at PinLon Hospital with the support of KT Care Foundation. As a result of surgery, she is able to enjoy her daily life as a normal person and the family was thankful to  KT Care Foundation for the support.

Kaung Myat Thu (1)

Scholar from KT Care

Phyo Phyo Wai, a scholar from KT Care foundation was born in Nga Pu Taw Township, Pathein. She is currently attending third year Myanmar studies in Pathein University. She has six family members and they depend on her father financially. Since her father’s income comes from fishery, it is not enough to support living and education expenses of family members. So, she had to work as a factory worker to help the family with her income. Before she got the scholarship, she had a lot of difficulties pursuing her education further. She said ‘when she knew that she was chosen as a scholar, she felt really happy and she was motivated to try harder’. She continued ‘with the help of KT Care, I’ll try my best to become a bachelor degree holder and I want to contribute my efforts in KT Care as a volunteer’.

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Success story of cleft lip patient

Ma ( )  from Sar Phyu Su Village in Maubin Township was born with a cleft lip at birth. Due to her cleft lip, her mother had to prepare artificial milk since the baby was uncomfortable with breastfeeding. Since they live in a small village outside of the city, they did not know that it can be cured by the surgery. Luckily, they got information about KT care Foundation in Yangon with the help of Akyinnar Latt Myar Mobile clinic charity group from Maubin when Ma ( ) was 4 months old. With the support and guidance from KT Care, she was then treated at Shwe Baho Hospital. After the treatment, the parents were surprised and pleasant to see the changes of her physical appearance. In their feedback session with KT Care staff, they said ‘They would like to thank the KT Care Foundation and all the family members and staff for the support they received for their daughter’s operation’.

Kaung Myat Thu

A scholar from KT Care

Hnin Phyu Phyu Htwe from Nga Pu Taw, Yay Kyaw Village is a scholar of KT Care foundation from 2018. She is attending third year Myanmar Studies in Pathein University at the present. Her parents earn a living by working as vendors. Her family’s income was not sufficient enough to support her education costs. Since she had to help her parents in their works, she couldn’t focus on her studies well. She got to know about KT Care Foudnation from headmistress of Basic Education Middle School Yay Kyaw, Pathein Township and she applied for scholarship program. She said, she was filled with happiness when she knew she was chosen as a scholar from KT Care in 2018. She said ‘after getting scholarship, her family does not need to trouble about supporting her anymore and she could study comfortably’.

Hnin Phyu Phyu Htwe

Scholar of KT Care

Kaung Myat Thu is a scholar of KT Care foundation who is currently attending second year of Myanmar studies in Pathein University. His parents are vendors. He didn’t know the way to earn a living after finishing matriculation examination and there was no one to guide him. In 2018, he found out about KT Care’s scholarship program and he applied for it. When he got a chance to become a scholar, he said ‘he became less worried for the school materials and tuition fees. Also, he could continue studying without difficulties even though his income is too little’. Now, in his holiday, he is working as a receptionist at Lon Kan Hotel in Pathein Township and earning his own salary.

Kaung Myat Thu

Success Story of Cleft Lip Patient

Mg() from Pha Oun Wel Village of Dite Oo Township from Bago Division, is a 10 months old boy who was born with cleft lip. Since he is just 10 months old, he couldn’t feel anything special concerning with cleft lip except having difficulties while breastfeeding. Seeing their son with cleft lip, his parents hoped to have a surgery but they couldn’t do it due to the financial worries. One day, the good luck hit them. One of their friends who use FaceBook told them about KT Care Foundation and they tried to contact KT Care. With the support of the foundation, the operation was successfully held at the Pinlon Hospital in Yangon. From now on, Mg () will be having a beautiful life as other children and his parents are feeling the joy as well.

Kaung Myat Thu

KT Care’s Scholar (Nyan Bhone Htet)

A scholar from KT Care, Nyan Bhone Htet was born in Thatkelthaung Village located in Nga Pu Taw Township. He is now in his second year of studying English in Pathein University. His parents are government employees from education industry. Due to some financial difficulties, he had a hard time while studying. In 2018, the year when he found out about the scholarship program of KT Care, he applied to be one of the scholars and he was chosen by KT Care.  He told that ‘it became more convenient for him as he has fewer things to look back and focuses on studying’ after he got financial support from KT Care Foundation.

Nyan Phone Htet

Success story of cleft lip patient

(xxx) was born in Mya Yoe Gyi village which is located in Ayeyarwady division. Her parents are working as odd job workers and sometimes her father earns from fishing in the stream. Since their daily income is merely enough for daily food, they couldn’t dream about providing treatment to their daughter. When they first found out about KT Care’s cleft lip and palate program from former beneficiary of KT Care, they were relieved and happy that their girl can finally get a proper treatment. Her mother said, “Before the treatment, I was worried that my daughter will feel inferior to others. Thanks to KT Care,my daughter can enjoy her life fully now.”

Thae Su Paing