Success Story of Scholar (Hnin Wut Yee)

Hnin Wut Yee will be receiving her bachelor degree in Myanmar Studies from University of Pathein next year. She was awarded a scholarship from KT Care in 2016.  Her family makes a living by working in a Garment factory and she is also working there during her holidays to support the living expenses of her family. Before she received a scholarship from KT Care, she was worried about her education fees as her family has no extra income except from the low pay garment factory work. Luckily, she knew about KT Care Foundation’s scholarship program in 2016 and that led her to apply for the scholarship. KT Care organized a networking event with scholars in 2019 in Pathein and we got to listen to her thoughts as a KT Care scholar during the event. She told us how she was able to pursue her university education with the support of KT Care with a smile on her face. When we asked about her future dream, she replied that ‘she is determined to become a good teacher after her graduation’.

Hnin Wut Ye

Scholar from KT Care

Phyo Phyo Wai, a scholar from KT Care foundation was born in Nga Pu Taw Township, Pathein. She is currently attending third year Myanmar studies in Pathein University. She has six family members and they depend on her father financially. Since her father’s income comes from fishery, it is not enough to support living and education expenses of family members. So, she had to work as a factory worker to help the family with her income. Before she got the scholarship, she had a lot of difficulties pursuing her education further. She said ‘when she knew that she was chosen as a scholar, she felt really happy and she was motivated to try harder’. She continued ‘with the help of KT Care, I’ll try my best to become a bachelor degree holder and I want to contribute my efforts in KT Care as a volunteer’.

DSC_0242 (2)

A scholar from KT Care

Hnin Phyu Phyu Htwe from Nga Pu Taw, Yay Kyaw Village is a scholar of KT Care foundation from 2018. She is attending third year Myanmar Studies in Pathein University at the present. Her parents earn a living by working as vendors. Her family’s income was not sufficient enough to support her education costs. Since she had to help her parents in their works, she couldn’t focus on her studies well. She got to know about KT Care Foudnation from headmistress of Basic Education Middle School Yay Kyaw, Pathein Township and she applied for scholarship program. She said, she was filled with happiness when she knew she was chosen as a scholar from KT Care in 2018. She said ‘after getting scholarship, her family does not need to trouble about supporting her anymore and she could study comfortably’.

Hnin Phyu Phyu Htwe

Scholar of KT Care

Kaung Myat Thu is a scholar of KT Care foundation who is currently attending second year of Myanmar studies in Pathein University. His parents are vendors. He didn’t know the way to earn a living after finishing matriculation examination and there was no one to guide him. In 2018, he found out about KT Care’s scholarship program and he applied for it. When he got a chance to become a scholar, he said ‘he became less worried for the school materials and tuition fees. Also, he could continue studying without difficulties even though his income is too little’. Now, in his holiday, he is working as a receptionist at Lon Kan Hotel in Pathein Township and earning his own salary.

Kaung Myat Thu

Scholar of KT Care

A 19 years old girl, Hnin Yupar Aung is a scholar of KT Care who lives in Thet Kel Thaung village of Nga Pu Taw Township. She had finished her 2nd year of English specialization in Pathein University in November 2019. Currently, she is working in a garment factory. Her family is depending only on the income of her mother so it was hard for her to attend university even for a year. She said, ‘In 2018, she was chosen by KT Care as a scholar. Since then she didn’t need to worry much for the financial problems and she can continue her study conveniently’. When we ask about her ambition, she replied ‘I want to become a good teacher in the future and I am really thankful for being supported by KT Care’.

Hnin Yupar Aung (1)

KT Care’s Scholar (Nyan Bhone Htet)

A scholar from KT Care, Nyan Bhone Htet was born in Thatkelthaung Village located in Nga Pu Taw Township. He is now in his second year of studying English in Pathein University. His parents are government employees from education industry. Due to some financial difficulties, he had a hard time while studying. In 2018, the year when he found out about the scholarship program of KT Care, he applied to be one of the scholars and he was chosen by KT Care.  He told that ‘it became more convenient for him as he has fewer things to look back and focuses on studying’ after he got financial support from KT Care Foundation.

Nyan Phone Htet

Scholar of KT Care

Another scholar of KT Care Foundation is Nway Nway Naing who was born is Nga Pu Taw township. She is currently in the second year of Myanmar study in University of Pathein. Her family depends on the income of her father although they have three children who are in school. That’s why it was difficult for her to continue her studies after matriculation exam.  She said ‘she even felt depressed because she thought she won’t be able to attend university’. When she heard about KT Care Foundation’s scholarship program, she was happy just by thinking that she could have a chance to go to university with the support of KT Care. As one of KT Care’s missions is supporting underprivileged youths to realize their dreams, she was selected to be one of the awardees of the scholarship program . With the support of KT Care, she does not need to worry about paying fees for her accommodation, food and school materials anymore. She added,”I am willing to contribute to KT Care in the future in any way I can”.

Nway Nway Naing

Networking Event with Scholars

On November 8, KT Care Foundation organized a networking event with scholarship students from KT Care in Pathein. The event was held with three major objectives. These objectives include improving engagement between KT Care and scholars, sharing them about the current activities of KT Care Foundation and how they can contribute to KT Care Foundation in the future, and how KT Care can support them to realize their dreams. 

KT Care’s deputy director opened the event by giving a brief introduction about the history and current programs of KT Care. Consequently, each staff from KT Care explained their responsible programs and activities. Scholars were eager to listen to the story of KT Care and many questions were raised from the students. 

During the event, scholars were divided into three groups and assigned to discuss about what they got from the event, how they are going to use the knowledge they got from the event and their feedback to KT Care Foundation. One representative from each group gave a short presentation after the discussion. It was insightful to get the ideas and feedback from the scholars.


Vocational Training School Support Program

KT Care Foundation plans to support young people  who are working or looking for work in Yangon to attend vocational schools. Therefore, if there are interested youths or young people, you can submit the application form to by describing the name, cost and duration of the school you would like to attend. For more information, please contact us on 09894888497,09894888498 or during office hours.
Link to the application >>>>
(Please read the attached information below before submitting the application)
Qualifications for the applicant
1. Must be at least 18 years old
2. The natives of Ayeyawady Region will be given priority.
3. There is no specific education requirements
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to apply?
– You can access the application link by downloading through the given link or using the attached application in the Facebook Post.
2. Where to return?
– KT Care Foundation Email Address –
– If you are not familiar with email, you can send the  application form to KT Care Foundation Facebook Page – Messenger.
3. What is a Vocational Training?
Training Examples: Car Wash, Mechanical training, Phone repair training,Sewing course, Agricultural training,In-house training, Bakery training, Chef training, Carpentry, Hotel Service Training
(You can also apply for other vocational courses in addition to the courses mentioned above)
3. How will you support the training?
– The applicants may attend in any area or in any part of the country. Only the training fees set by the KT Care Foundation will be provided.
4. KT Care Foundation address and phone number?
– No. A4 / 5, Anawratha Housing Pyay Road Kamayut Township Yangon Phone: 09894888497,09894888498
5. What should I give back to KT Care Foundation after completing the training?
– Certificate for successful completion of the training
6 When will KT  Care announce the results of the chosen applicants?
– Chosen applicants will be notified within three weeks.
7. What should I do if I have not completed the training for various reasons?
– You must fully refund the training fees provided by KT Care.

KT Care’s scholar

One of the scholars of KT Care Foundation is Zan Wint Naing who was born is Nga Pu Taw Township. Despite studying at a small village, he was able to pass the matriculation exam with outstanding marks which led him to study medicine at university. Before he was awarded a scholarship from KT Care, his mother supported him financially. As her income is not enough to support both her family and the expensive fees of medical school, KT Care Foundation decided to choose him as one of scholarship awardees. He is currently in the third year of medical study in University of Medicine (2). With the support of KT Care, he can pay school related fees and focus on his studies without worrying about his financial status.

Zan Wint Naing