A scholar from KT Care

Hnin Phyu Phyu Htwe from Nga Pu Taw, Yay Kyaw Village is a scholar of KT Care foundation from 2018. She is attending third year Myanmar Studies in Pathein University at the present. Her parents earn a living by working as vendors. Her family’s income was not sufficient enough to support her education costs. Since she had to help her parents in their works, she couldn’t focus on her studies well. She got to know about KT Care Foudnation from headmistress of Basic Education Middle School Yay Kyaw, Pathein Township and she applied for scholarship program. She said, she was filled with happiness when she knew she was chosen as a scholar from KT Care in 2018. She said ‘after getting scholarship, her family does not need to trouble about supporting her anymore and she could study comfortably’.

Hnin Phyu Phyu Htwe

Scholar of KT Care

Kaung Myat Thu is a scholar of KT Care foundation who is currently attending second year of Myanmar studies in Pathein University. His parents are vendors. He didn’t know the way to earn a living after finishing matriculation examination and there was no one to guide him. In 2018, he found out about KT Care’s scholarship program and he applied for it. When he got a chance to become a scholar, he said ‘he became less worried for the school materials and tuition fees. Also, he could continue studying without difficulties even though his income is too little’. Now, in his holiday, he is working as a receptionist at Lon Kan Hotel in Pathein Township and earning his own salary.

Kaung Myat Thu

Scholar of KT Care

A 19 years old girl, Hnin Yupar Aung is a scholar of KT Care who lives in Thet Kel Thaung village of Nga Pu Taw Township. She had finished her 2nd year of English specialization in Pathein University in November 2019. Currently, she is working in a garment factory. Her family is depending only on the income of her mother so it was hard for her to attend university even for a year. She said, ‘In 2018, she was chosen by KT Care as a scholar. Since then she didn’t need to worry much for the financial problems and she can continue her study conveniently’. When we ask about her ambition, she replied ‘I want to become a good teacher in the future and I am really thankful for being supported by KT Care’.

Hnin Yupar Aung (1)

Waterborne Disease Training at ZKG factory

On 27 August, KT Care Foundation provided monthly training at ZKG factory. The topic of this training was about waterborne diseases as many people are suffering from these diseases in this monsoon season. A total of 37 peer educators from the factory participated in this training. Project officer from KT Care started the training by recapping the last month’s topic and introducing the new topic. After that, participants were requested to answer the test about waterborne diseases to know their level of understanding about the topic. Later, KT Care’s project officer shared about the qualities of clean water, symptoms, prevention and treatment of diarrhea,malaria and dengue fever. Participants were eager to learn the new topic and responded with questions.


Introducing KT Care Foundation’s Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Programme of KT Care Foundation works to increase access to education for youth in the Foundation’s priority intervention areas in Myanmar. Due to their families’ financial constraints, many students face significant challenges in attending school regularly and affording appropriate scholastic supplies. KT Care supports students by providing initial tuition, stationery and school furniture.
The Scholarship Programme provides financial support for 3-5 years to disadvantaged students with high academic achievement, to pursue studies at national universities. In addition, some scholarship students also work as interns at KT Care Foundation as part of their training.