KT Care visited to Thet Kel Thaung Village

Representatives from KT Care foundation visited to Thet Kel Thaung Village in Nga Pu Taw Township, which is the birthplace of founder U Kyaw Thaung on 3rd and 4th February,2020. Thet Kel Thaung Village is KT Care’s major project area. During the visit, KT Care staff met with village leaders of Thet Kel Thaung and shared them about KT Care’s current programs and what KT Care is going to do in future. KT Care staff also had a meeting with old scholars and asked them about their current activities, work and encouraged them to get in touch with KT Care so that they can participate in KT Care’s programs such as vocational school scholarship program. Discussion was concluded after scholars chose two representatives from the group who will be acting as the main communication channel between KT Care and scholars. Moreover, KTC staff visited the computer training center, school, pond and well donated by KT Care and discussed with teachers from Basic Education Primary School Thet Kel Thaung.

KTC Resource Centre to be
Rain Water Tank Outside
KTC Resource Centre to be

Survey session at ZKG factory

KT Care Foundation conducted a surveying session at ZKG Factory in Mingalardon Township On 17th December, 2019. The main purpose of conducting survey is to be able to provide better workshops necessary to the factory workers in the future. KT Care’s survey team asked peer educators who participated in the previous trainings of KT Care about ‘understanding of the topics discussed in past, feedback about the workshops and what we can provide them in the future’. For the surveying session, KT Care had called for volunteers and gave training on 16th December, 2019.


Waterborne Disease Training at ZKG factory

On 27 August, KT Care Foundation provided monthly training at ZKG factory. The topic of this training was about waterborne diseases as many people are suffering from these diseases in this monsoon season. A total of 37 peer educators from the factory participated in this training. Project officer from KT Care started the training by recapping the last month’s topic and introducing the new topic. After that, participants were requested to answer the test about waterborne diseases to know their level of understanding about the topic. Later, KT Care’s project officer shared about the qualities of clean water, symptoms, prevention and treatment of diarrhea,malaria and dengue fever. Participants were eager to learn the new topic and responded with questions.


KT Care provided facilitation skills training at Takashima factory

On July 27, KT Care Foundation provided facilitation skills training to peer educators of Takashima factory. The main objective of the training is to improve the facilitation skills of the peer educators and to introduce them with useful tools to be used in training. It’s important to enhance the facilitation skills of peer educators as they are assigned to share the lessons they learned from monthly training delivered by KT Care to the rest of the factory workers. A total of 9 peer educators participated in the training and the training was conducted by senior program officer of KT Care.

KT Care Foundation provided KT Care shirts to cleft lip and palate patients and their care givers

This photo is about the cleft lip and palate patients and their care givers supported by the KT Care Foundation to be accessible for free cleft lip and palate surgery in May 2019. Patients are from Ayeyarwady region, Magway region and Chin state, and were not accessible to free surgery as they are not affordable for travel costs such as transport, meal and accommodation. KT Care has fulfilled their unmet needs and now they are accessible to the free surgery for their precious ones. KT care Foundation partnered with the New Look New Life Foundation for free cleft lip and palate surgery.

For further details about this program >>> https://bit.ly/2Mdpdsl

Group Photo(edited)