Recipient of Charity Program

Daw ( ), who lives in South Dagon Township, is a native of Bagan Nyaung Oo. She got married in Yangon and has three children. Her husband is currently unable to work because of the health condition. Since her three children are attending schools, she has to cover their school fees and expenses. Moreover, her husband’s medical expenses and the rent of the house make her struggle a lot. Daw ( ) is working in the community by doing laundry even though one of her eyes is unable to see clearly. She knew about  KT Care Foundation through her friends. She said “Thanks to the support of the KT Care Foundation, it has helped to pay for current debt and eye treatment”.


Success story of cleft lip patient

Ma ( )  from Sar Phyu Su Village in Maubin Township was born with a cleft lip at birth. Due to her cleft lip, her mother had to prepare artificial milk since the baby was uncomfortable with breastfeeding. Since they live in a small village outside of the city, they did not know that it can be cured by the surgery. Luckily, they got information about KT care Foundation in Yangon with the help of Akyinnar Latt Myar Mobile clinic charity group from Maubin when Ma ( ) was 4 months old. With the support and guidance from KT Care, she was then treated at Shwe Baho Hospital. After the treatment, the parents were surprised and pleasant to see the changes of her physical appearance. In their feedback session with KT Care staff, they said ‘They would like to thank the KT Care Foundation and all the family members and staff for the support they received for their daughter’s operation’.

Kaung Myat Thu

Charity Program Recipient

Another recipient of the charity program; (xxx) is a 56 years old staff at Myanmar Railway Station, Pyon Ta Sar. He has been working in the  different stations for almost 30 years. In the year of 1998 when he first started working in Pyon Ta Sar station, he lost his one leg in an accident happened while moving the  railway carriages. However, losing one leg didn’t stop (xxx) to continue working with the help of an artificial leg. He had been using the artificial leg for more than 20 years since he can’t afford to buy a new one. It’s the pleasure of KT Care Foundation to be able to provide the support he needs to buy an artificial leg which plays a big part in his daily life.

Recipient of Charity Program for September

Recipient of the charity program for the month of September is (xxx). He is a bright Grade-9 student who is also the breadwinner of the family. His father is the only family member he has. Due to the medical condition, his father can’t work to support the family which resulted (xxx) to sell steamed sticky rice cakes with banana after his school. At first, (xxx) felt ashamed to sell rice cakes while his friends in his age only know how to play and study.During weekdays,  he usually goes to school by walking. Although he wanted to buy a bicycle because of the difficulty in going to school during the rainy season, (xxx) couldn’t afford it as the income he gets from selling rice cakes is only enough for daily meals. When we asked about his future dream, he said he wants to become a firefighter when he grows up. With the support of KT Care, he can now buy a bicycle which is a necessary item to get easier transportation when he goes to school.

Soe Moe Thant Sin

Recipient of Charity Program

KT Care Foundation provided financial support to Intellectual Disabilities Development Centre located in Yangon. Regularly, there are approximately 30 students studying in the center. The center provides free lunch to students. The person in charge of the center informed KT Care that they have financial difficulty in preparing daily lunches. With the financial support from KT Care, the center will not have to worry about providing lunches to students for 10 days.


Recipients of Charity Program

Two other recipients of Charity Program for July is (xxx) and (yyy). (xxx) is 80 years old and she lives with her younger sister as her only son passed away. Since she is unable to work anymore, she depends on her neighbours from her ward to take care of her. Her younger sister; (yyy) is a spinster with no one to look after her. The two sisters live together in a place temporarily provided by the warden of the quarter. Before KT Care provided them with financial support, they had difficulties for food and for medical fees. 

Recipient of Charity Program

(xxx) is a recipient of Charity Program for the month of July. He lived with his family in Thaton township before he came to Yangon to treat bone cancer. As a result of suffering from bone cancer, he was forced to cut his one leg. However, he didn’t give up and tried to make a living by opening a hair salon which was sponsored by sympathetic group of people. Due to the recurrence of the symptoms of bone cancer, he wants to make a proper medical check-up and treatment. KT Care decided to support him since his income from hair salon is not enough to treat his disease.

Recipient of Charity Program ( Daw Naw Say Phaw )

Another recipient of KT Care’s Charity Program is Daw Naw Say Phaw. She is a 78 years old grandma with positive outlook to life. Despite having seven children, Daw Naw Say Phaw lives alone as her children are busy taking care of their own families which put her in a situation to be taken care of by her neighbours. For daily meals, she has to borrow money from neighbours or buy food from local shops with credit. She said that her neighbours are willing to lend her money because she always gives it back once she received money occasionally. When we went to check her situation, we were amazed by her positivity and how she spends her daily life.

Recipient of Charity Program(U Myint Oo)

One of Charity Program’s recipients of KT Care is U Myint Oo who is a retired solider living in North Dagon. His only companion is his wife who is suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diabetics and needs constant medical check-up. Although he’s 85 years old, he has no choice than to make a living by driving taxi to pay for his sick wife’s medical fees.