KT Care has been working on many different projects during May 2013:

+ Ways to enhance the IT project in the Delta

+ Talks with Mobile Movies to connect villages with more information

+ Plastic consumption awareness

+ Helping women livelihoods in factories

+ Monthly donations

+ Extending Scholarship and Internship Programs

+ Working together with World Together to provide housing for disabled children

Our hearts go out to those affected by Cyclone Mahasen earlier this month. We hope to continue reaching out to those who need our help.
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Tin Tun’s story: following his dreams of becoming an engineer

The KT Care Foundation has been working to increase access to education for youth in the Foundation’s priority intervention areas in Myanmar. Students from low-income families struggle to continue their education after the primary or secondary levels. Usually, their families cannot afford for them to attend university.

That was the story of Tin Tun Aung, a 17-year-old young man from the Thet Kel Thaung Village Tract, in the Delta area, who, despite his high academic achievements, could not afford to go to university. As his mother explains: “I used to feel so sad about my son’s desire to attend university. I could not even face him because I could not pay for the expenses for it.”

Because of his high academic achievements and local community work, Tin Tun Aung was selected to receive a scholarship from KT Care. This scholarship will allow him to attend the Myanmar Government Technological College (GTC) for a period of studies that might range from two (Technology Diploma) to five years (Bachelor of Engineering), depending on his academic records.

After the scholarship was granted, his mother became a more relaxed and confident person because she knew her son would have the opportunity to follow his dreams of becoming an engineer: “When I got the scholarship letter from KT Care, I was so emotional that I could not open and read it, so I let my husband do it. Now, I feel relaxed because I see that all the things go well (due to KT Care’s support).”  Want to know more? See the video for more details.

How an eye treatment transformed a man’s life

In April 2012, the KT Care Foundation organized a mobile eye clinic trip to the Thet Kel Thaung Village Tract, in the Delta area, to provide free eye testing, drugs and affordable contact lens services to more than 100 beneficiaries in need of medical attention.

In rural areas of Myanmar, there is still a considerable need for medical care and support, as one of the beneficiaries described: “We, the rural inhabitants, cannot afford to go to the town and pay for eye tests and treatment. I was so delighted to hear that your trip happened.”

This beneficiary, an elderly man suffering from blurred vision, depended on his family members to help him travel within the village and throughout its surroundings. Through the mobile eye clinic, he received a clinical eye examination and multivitamin drugs (both free of charge), as well as a low-priced pair of glasses to improve his vision.

After this event, his life changed. As he says in his own words: “Now I can go to the meditation centre, and I can travel without becoming a burden on my offspring and grandchildren because I can see well…I can go myself whenever and wherever I wish.”  Want to know more? See the video for more details.

KT Care response to Rakhine emergency (June 2012)

KT Care launched a response to the humanitarian emergency in Northern Rakhine state on June 18th, and provided food and non-food items to the people affected by the violence and the loss of their homes.  The provision of these items targets those most vulnerable, regardless of their race, citizenship or religion.

A child cleft lip/palate was operated in (May 2012)

Pyae Phoo Hlaing, one and half year-old girl from Thet Kel Thaung village tract received surgery for her cleft lip in May 2012. Her surgery was provided by Professor Emeritus Dr. Ko Ko Maung at Pin Lone Private Hospital. After a successful surgery, Pyae Pho has become a smiley and happy girl, with a world of new opportunities ahead her.

Free mobile eye clinic trip in Delta (April 2012)

KT Care Foundation, with the technical support of an optometrist from the Yangon Eye Hospital, has helped nearly 100 community members living around the Thet Kel Thaung Village Tract. Free services included vision testing and medicines for minor eye treatment. In addition, eye glasses were provided at a small cost for those in need.  Next, KTC will offer free eye surgeries to patients diagnosed with cataracts.

Opening of a new school building (March 2012)

KT Care Foundation funded the construction of an assembly hall at a primary school in Myit Nge Township, Mandalay Division. This building provides an essential space for students and teachers to hold meetings, ceremonies and other special events, as well as a temporary shelter for the community during emergencies.

Help for Nepal

On April 25, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal, killing more than 4000 people, injuring 6500, and affecting 8 million (BBC) – and these numbers are still expected to increase! Thousands of buildings including cultural and religious heritage sites were damaged. Help is urgently needed! …

KT Care Foundation has donated US$5,000 to help Nepal through the Myanmar Red Cross Society. Please consider giving your support. More information is available at:

Mobile Health Care service delivered at Poke Pa Kan village

Mobile health service delivery activities of KT Care Foundation mobile clinic program were successfully implemented at Poke Pa Kan Village Tract, Chauk Township from 16th July to 17th July, 2016. Free medical services were delivered to 1,442 beneficiaries – 658 general, 98 dental & 686 eye patients from Poke Pa Kan village and other 20 villages. Moreover, health education awareness about hygiene and proper hand washing practices were diffused to these 1,442 beneficiaries via health education sessions.