KT Care, M-Tel, KBZ and Singtel

Last week was a busy week for KT Care. We joined forces with SingTel, MTel and KBZ for a big donation at Aung Zaeyar Min School in Hlaing Thaya. It was a very happy morning shared with SingTel and the children of the school who all waited in anticipation for what goodies they would receive.

Representatives from SingTel, MTel and KT Care all gave speeches and in return the children sang songs for everyone.SingTel Consortium donated school kits, umbrellas, raincoats and new library books to 973 students of the school.Thank You SingTel, M Tel, KBZ and all KT Care members for making this happen.


SingTel are one of the 11 Telecommunication companies that are in the bidding race for one of the two telecommunication licenses that will be issued on Thursday 27th June. The SingTel Group is Asia’s leading communications group. They are a major communications player in Asia and Africa through their strategic investments in five regional mobile operators, namely Telkomsel (Indonesia), Globe Telecom (the Philippines), Advanced Info Service (Thailand) and PBTL (Bangladesh). The Group also has investments in Bharti Airtel (India), which has significant presence in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Africa.

KT Care Kick Starts Work With HERproject

This week KT Care has started working together with HER (Health Enables Returns), a project by BSR, to create healthy and safe working environments for women in factories.BSR is a large organisation that is dedicated to developing a just and sustainable world and sustainable business strategies. They have offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America.HERproject, a project from BSR, enables factory workers to access healthcare, health advice and support. It also build relationships between the workers and the business.Check out their websites:HERproject.org www.BSR.og

Our team with HERproject trainers preparing in the office and visiting a Yangon factory –


KT Care starting work with HERproject

KT Care is now working together with HER to create safe, sustainable and healthy lives for factory workers!The HER project creates a safety net for factories workers, where they can have their rights protected, have access to training and curriculum, learn about health and gain awareness on women’s health.Check out their website: http://herproject.org

Gary Engi Running For KT Care

May Last Month Gary Engi from England raised support for KT Care by tackling the world’s biggest monster assault course in an impressive 3:03:10!
13 Miles, 150 obstacles, 15 zones.
He fought through mud, through cars, tyre stepping, bollard jumping and the world’s longest monkey bars and much more. Why? Because he believes in helping others.
Gary Engi is a Super-human.
Thank You, from everyone at KT Care.
Pictures to come soon!

KT Care has been working on many different projects during May 2013:

+ Ways to enhance the IT project in the Delta

+ Talks with Mobile Movies to connect villages with more information

+ Plastic consumption awareness

+ Helping women livelihoods in factories

+ Monthly donations

+ Extending Scholarship and Internship Programs

+ Working together with World Together to provide housing for disabled children

Our hearts go out to those affected by Cyclone Mahasen earlier this month. We hope to continue reaching out to those who need our help.
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Tin Tun’s story: following his dreams of becoming an engineer

The KT Care Foundation has been working to increase access to education for youth in the Foundation’s priority intervention areas in Myanmar. Students from low-income families struggle to continue their education after the primary or secondary levels. Usually, their families cannot afford for them to attend university.

That was the story of Tin Tun Aung, a 17-year-old young man from the Thet Kel Thaung Village Tract, in the Delta area, who, despite his high academic achievements, could not afford to go to university. As his mother explains: “I used to feel so sad about my son’s desire to attend university. I could not even face him because I could not pay for the expenses for it.”

Because of his high academic achievements and local community work, Tin Tun Aung was selected to receive a scholarship from KT Care. This scholarship will allow him to attend the Myanmar Government Technological College (GTC) for a period of studies that might range from two (Technology Diploma) to five years (Bachelor of Engineering), depending on his academic records.

After the scholarship was granted, his mother became a more relaxed and confident person because she knew her son would have the opportunity to follow his dreams of becoming an engineer: “When I got the scholarship letter from KT Care, I was so emotional that I could not open and read it, so I let my husband do it. Now, I feel relaxed because I see that all the things go well (due to KT Care’s support).”  Want to know more? See the video for more details.

How an eye treatment transformed a man’s life

In April 2012, the KT Care Foundation organized a mobile eye clinic trip to the Thet Kel Thaung Village Tract, in the Delta area, to provide free eye testing, drugs and affordable contact lens services to more than 100 beneficiaries in need of medical attention.

In rural areas of Myanmar, there is still a considerable need for medical care and support, as one of the beneficiaries described: “We, the rural inhabitants, cannot afford to go to the town and pay for eye tests and treatment. I was so delighted to hear that your trip happened.”

This beneficiary, an elderly man suffering from blurred vision, depended on his family members to help him travel within the village and throughout its surroundings. Through the mobile eye clinic, he received a clinical eye examination and multivitamin drugs (both free of charge), as well as a low-priced pair of glasses to improve his vision.

After this event, his life changed. As he says in his own words: “Now I can go to the meditation centre, and I can travel without becoming a burden on my offspring and grandchildren because I can see well…I can go myself whenever and wherever I wish.”  Want to know more? See the video for more details.