Multimedia Classroom & Computer Training

Communication networks – telecommunication and Internet connection – are expanding in Myanmar, and access to such services in urban and rural areas is expected to improve in the near future. However, the majority of the population does not have the required IT skills or knowledge to take advantage of these newer communication trends, either for personal or professional purposes.

Following the reconstruction of the primary school in Thet Kel Thaung, a multimedia classroom was set up with 3 computers and 1 TV. This was done with the purpose of providing a wider learning experience for local students.
KT Care Foundation has also developed a unique computer training program for local youth, which is run by two village youth, employed as Community Facilitators. These KT Care staff have themselves taken an IT training course. The Foundation has been overseeing expenses, ongoing development and the monitoring of this training programme and its students, teachers and other community members.

multi room1
Multimedia and computer-training room
multi room2
TV in the multimedia and computer-training room


multi room3
Computer training session held by KT Care‘s Community Facilitator
KT Care Foundation

KT Care Foundation