Mobile Clinic

In Myanmar, 70% of the total population live in rural areas. The health status of the rural community still needs to be improved. This is due to difficult transport and communication and ongoing low coverage of the health care system in these regions.
In order to increase poor and disadvantaged peoples’ access to basic health care services, our organization runs mobile clinics, staffed by volunteer medical technicians. These clinics also provide eye care at little to no costs to rural communities with otherwise little health care coverage. On the trip that the mobile clinic took to the Thet Kel Thaung village in April of 2012, more than 100 people benefitted from medical attention.

Cataract Surgery KT Care will also provide free eye surgeries to patients with cataracts, through its network of voluntary medical technicians in Myanmar. Since the program’s inception over 250 individuals with cataracts have received life changing procedures.

mobile clinic
A child with poor vision is tested by the optometrist in the mobile clinic
mobile clinic1
Volunteers and permanent staff at the mobile eye clinic
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