KT Care appreciates the support of volunteers and how they have allowed us to make a difference in Myanmar.

    • Volunteering in the field with any of our current programmes, depending on your specific skills and interest,
    • “Spreading the word” through social media platforms (sharing our facebook page, etc.), about what KT Care is doing and about what needs have yet to be addressed,
    • Advocacy and fundraising activities in your own communities to support specific KT Care projects or programmes.

There are many ways to fundraise, for example – marathons, treks, mountaineering, tea parties.

You can also make your own fundraising page with JustGiving, just click on this button here

Here are a few links that might give you a few crazy ideas for a fundraisng activity!

If you are interested in volunteering with KT Care Foundation, please email your CV and areas of interest to info@ktcare.org.



Are you a student or a recent graduate? Would you like to gain valuable professional experience in the humanitarian and development sectors? Please contact us to discuss the possibility of interning with KT Care Foundation. Send all emails to info@ktcare.org .



KT Care values partnership opportunities with:

  • Non-profit organizations and development agencies

We welcome and actively search for partnerships with any organizations/ agencies from the non-profit sector that share our vision and are willing to join efforts and resources for the benefit of local communities.

  • Companies and corporations

We are open and willing to collaborate jointly with companies that share our values and are committed to promote lasting changes for a better world. The type and scope of the collaborations may vary depending on the interests of the partners and on the needs of local communities.

  • Schools, universities, academic and professional associations

Your expertise and knowledge can be of utmost importance in assisting Myanmar communities in need. We are open to participating in research activities and to joint efforts. Additionally, we are also favourable to providing technical or advisory expertise in any of our operating locations.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with KT Care, please contact us at info@ktcare.org. Thank you for your interest .


Job Opportunities

KT Care is fortunate to have a diverse and energetic team who are very committed to community work. Please see  WHO WE ARE.
We currently do not have any job openings at KT Care but come back again soon!

KT Care Foundation

KT Care Foundation