Eye Surgery

The Eye Surgery project was started as a way to bring about relief through a simple procedure for those suffering from cataracts. Beginning in 2011, the eye surgery project was met with such great success that a mobile clinic was added to the venture in 2014.
Individuals living with cataracts may be unable to complete simple day-to-day tasks due to limited vision. This can cause a downward shift in their quality of life. Many of the patients KT Care sees are those who are the sole income generator for their family. Those suffering from cataracts have the right to be provided this simple procedure to ensure they are able to live meaningful, fulfilling lives.
The individuals receiving the surgery will be the first to benefit from the procedure, but by no means will they be the only ones. Once recovered from the operation, these individuals will have a new outlook on life and the possibility to achieve more and help their families more. You can help poor cataracts patients in Myanmar through our eye surgery project.

KT Care Foundation

KT Care Foundation