Educational Infrastructure (School Buildings)

The coverage and quality of the Myanmar public education system still needs improvement, in particular after the primary level. There are several factors affecting access of the poor populations to the education system, amongst which are lack of qualified professionals at all levels, substantial financial burdens on parents and communities, and poor infrastructure. To overcome some of these issues, KT Care provides direct financial support to students (see the Educational Support and Scholarships section) and contributes to building the educational infrastructure. KT Care provides support for building and/or renovating the infrastructure of local public schools if a need exists, as assessed by the KT Care field team in conjunction with local community members and stakeholders (teachers, students and their parents). In 2008, KT Care Foundation constructed and donated school buildings and latrines at Basic Education Primary School, located in the Thet Kel Thaung village in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta. Recently, KT Care supported the construction of the Assembly Hall at Myit Nge High School in Myit Nge Township of Mandalay Region.

school buildings
Basic education students with the KT Care Board of Directors at the Assembly Hall built with KT Care support
school building 2
Board members are welcomed by the students and teachers at the Opening
KT Care Foundation

KT Care Foundation