Success Story of Cleft Lip Patient

Mg() from Pha Oun Wel Village of Dite Oo Township from Bago Division, is a 10 months old boy who was born with cleft lip. Since he is just 10 months old, he couldn’t feel anything special concerning with cleft lip except having difficulties while breastfeeding. Seeing their son with cleft lip, his parents hoped to have a surgery but they couldn’t do it due to the financial worries. One day, the good luck hit them. One of their friends who use FaceBook told them about KT Care Foundation and they tried to contact KT Care. With the support of the foundation, the operation was successfully held at the Pinlon Hospital in Yangon. From now on, Mg () will be having a beautiful life as other children and his parents are feeling the joy as well.

Kaung Myat Thu