Action Aid says women factory workers in Yangon still need health care

06 / 16 / 2017

Action Aid Myanmar has exposed the condition of women workers in Yangon through the Safe Audit Report which was conducted in 10 factories in Yangon Division. One of the research findings is that the health care system in factories still needs to improve. Though there are clinics in factories the services offered are varied. In some factories, medicines and skilled nurses are inadequate, some clinics have one blood pressure monitor and only alcohol for small injures.

According to a case study in the report, one helper in the factory who doesn’t have any medical knowledge gave the wrong medicine to an sick worker. The research recommends to establish health and safety committees in factories and ensure that workers are provided with education and training concerning their rights and also highlights the status of women factory workers in Myanmar in accessing health care and safety in workplaces. In Myanmar, there are approximately 440 garment factories with around 300,000 workers and most of them are women.

Ref: Safety Audit on Women Garment Factory Workers in Yangon by Action Aid


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