73rd Myanmar Union Day

02 / 12 / 2020

Union day is a public celebration in Myanmar (formerly Burma) held every February 12 as a memorial to The Panglong Agreement which pronounced full independence in internal governance in 1947. The agreement unified Burma and demanded that the British government restore independence to all of Burma. The Panglong agreement formed the basis for the creation of the Union of Burma. In 1886, Myanmar (then called Burma) came under British control, but the British made a distinction between how central Burma and the various outlying ethnic groups were ruled. One of its aims was to promote equality between the Burmese plain people and the non-Burmese hills tribes in Burma. The Panglong Agreement was negotiated by General Aung San and leaders from the Shan, Kachin, Chin, and other Burmese states with British government. Celebrations of Union Day in Myanmar begin months in advance and are highly anticipated by the Myanmar people. As the date approaches, school children will write patriotic poems and essays and speeches on the importance of national unity will be given.


Photo crd to : Yangon Life

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