KT Care donated boats and clothes for flood victims in Mon State

On 17 August, KT Care Team donated boats for emergency rescue of flood victims of Mon State in Mawlamyine. The cabinet of Mon State,Mawlamyine rescue organization and Bo Bo Win emergency rescue service accepted the donated boats of KT Care Foundation and now they are able to provide assistance to flood victims in areas of need in time.


KT Care’s emergency response for monsoon flood in Myanmar

Starting from mid-july this year, many parts of Myanmar were hit by heavy rainfall which has caused rivers to rise and further flooding, displacing thousands of people in Ayeyarwady Region and Mon and Kayin States.

Currently, the flood areas are Hpa-An Township and Myawaddy in Kayin State (about 1,500 displaced), Kyaikmayaw, Thaton, Billin, Than Phyu Zayat, Ye and Mawlamyine in Mon State (more than 14,300 people displaced), and Myaungmya and Ngapudaw in the Ayeyarwady Region (about 500 displaced).

Flood also caused landslides in Paung and buried 25 homes, and five vehicles. The death toll is rising and the last update was 59 deaths already. Rescue teams are still searching for missing people. 

To respond this, KT Care Foundation is planning to provide humanitarian assistance to the people affected by flood. From the last Saturday reports, the flood in Ye township was the worst flood in 20 years and 90 percent of the town was under water. KT Care team is going to Ye township to help flood victims as many of them cannot go back home after flood because their homes were destroyed by the flood.  

Immediate need for them is clean water, dried food, clothes and blankets. If you want to be a part of our humanitarian response, please donate clothes and blankets to KT Care office before 11 AM on 14 August which is tomorrow. 

Awarding ceremony for children of TMT ports staff

On 18 July 2019, KT Care Foundation awarded  to children of staff from KT services and logistics (TMT port), which is one of our parent companies, KT Group of companies. There were a total of four awardees in which each of them passed the matriculation exam with excellent marks. One of the awardees managed to get 5 distinctions and two students got 2 distinctions followed by one student getting one distinction in the matriculation exam. KT Care is proud to support the brilliant students of our staff 


Recipient of Charity Program

KT Care Foundation provided financial support to Intellectual Disabilities Development Centre located in Yangon. Regularly, there are approximately 30 students studying in the center. The center provides free lunch to students. The person in charge of the center informed KT Care that they have financial difficulty in preparing daily lunches. With the financial support from KT Care, the center will not have to worry about providing lunches to students for 10 days.


KT Care provided facilitation skills training at Takashima factory

On July 27, KT Care Foundation provided facilitation skills training to peer educators of Takashima factory. The main objective of the training is to improve the facilitation skills of the peer educators and to introduce them with useful tools to be used in training. It’s important to enhance the facilitation skills of peer educators as they are assigned to share the lessons they learned from monthly training delivered by KT Care to the rest of the factory workers. A total of 9 peer educators participated in the training and the training was conducted by senior program officer of KT Care.

Recipients of Charity Program

Two other recipients of Charity Program for July is (xxx) and (yyy). (xxx) is 80 years old and she lives with her younger sister as her only son passed away. Since she is unable to work anymore, she depends on her neighbours from her ward to take care of her. Her younger sister; (yyy) is a spinster with no one to look after her. The two sisters live together in a place temporarily provided by the warden of the quarter. Before KT Care provided them with financial support, they had difficulties for food and for medical fees. 

KT Care Team at Thaketa Crocodile Farm

On July 30, KT Care team took a trip to Thaketa Crocodile Farm to feed crocodiles. Thaketa Crocodile Farm is home for a total of over 500 crocodiles. Officer in charge of the farm; Dr.U Myo Min Hlaing welcomed KT Care team and explained interesting information about the nature of crocodiles. We learned that crocodiles can lay 20 eggs at least 65 to 70 eggs at most at one time. Also, through a practical show, we learned that crocodiles cannot see straight and that they can only see from the sides of their head. The most surprising thing we got to know was that the skin of crocodile is unbelievably soft. Judging from the color and shape of crocodiles, we thought the skin would be rough and hard to touch. If you are interested in crocodiles and their habits, we encourage you to pay a visit to Thaketa Crocodile Farm. 


Recipient of Charity Program

(xxx) is a recipient of Charity Program for the month of July. He lived with his family in Thaton township before he came to Yangon to treat bone cancer. As a result of suffering from bone cancer, he was forced to cut his one leg. However, he didn’t give up and tried to make a living by opening a hair salon which was sponsored by sympathetic group of people. Due to the recurrence of the symptoms of bone cancer, he wants to make a proper medical check-up and treatment. KT Care decided to support him since his income from hair salon is not enough to treat his disease.