Mg Maw Shae: An orphan with a brighter future

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Mg Maw Shae, 4 years old, is from a small village near Chaung Thar Beach. He was orphaned at the age of 10 months and  left with his grandmother. Since then, he has not been receiving constant care as his aging grandmother can not take care of him.

 The Kyae Zuu Daw organization has since adopted him. At 10 months of age, he was the youngest child among 38 orphans. There was a concern due to his cleft palate which prevented his learning to talk. In 2016 March, KT Care received an inquiry from Kyaw Zuu Taw organization whether cleft palate surgery support would be possible for Maw Shae, who is unable speak and sing clearly like other children.

For those with cleft lip and cleft palate, air escapes out of the nose when they speak and there is less tissue on the roof of the mouth for the tongue to touch. This creates difficulties in speaking and correct pronunciation. As a child who lives in the Christian orphanage, his guardian couldn’t afford the medical expenses for his surgery. However, KT Care has provided life-changing surgery for his cleft palate and also supported additional charges including transportation, accommodation and meal costs.

In the year following his surgery, Maw Shae has become healthy and plays among the other children now. We asked how his life has changed and his guardian replied, “He has become a very brainy one. And can speak and sing songs well like a famous singer. That’s why we’re very happy hearing his clear voice even though we’re not his parent”. “Now, he is learning in the KG class at primary school together with his classmates. If he hadn’t received support from KT Care last year, he would still be suffering the consequences of cleft palate, stigmatized by peers and not learning well in the KG class as he is now,” says his guardian.