“He looks good and can speak clearly”

In January, KT Care Foundation successfully delivered life-changing surgical treatment to 5 cleft lip and palate children at Shwe Baho Hospital, Yangon. Among these 5 children, 2 are from Rakhine State and 3 are from Ayarwaddy Division. All of them are the children of low-income families and their parents are seasonal workers.Edited 1

“My son couldn’t speak clearly like his friend and couldn’t learn very well at school before the surgery. Now he looks good and can speak clearly because of the successful surgical results. I hope that he can learn very well at the school like other children in the future” said Daw Thein Thein Win from Ayarwaddy Division about her son’s results. Like Daw Thein Thein Win, other parents are also very satisfied with the life-changing outcomes of their children after surgery.