KT Care Foundation joins AFCSR Forum

September 22 – U Moe Kyaw Thaung (Chairman – KT Care Foundation ), U Jonathan Myo Kyaw Thaung (CEO – KT Group), Ms Harriet Kyaw Thaung ( Executive Director- KT Group), Ms Hannah Kyaw Thaung (Advisory Board Member- KT Care), U Paing Soe (Executive Director – KT Care Foundation) and other KT Care staffs have joined Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Forum (AFCSR2016) that is Asia’s leading annual conference and awards program on corporate social responsibility at Naypyidaw, Myanmar….
Delivering a keynote address during the opening ceremony, U Than Aung Kyaw, Deputy Director General, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Myanmar said he was pleased to see the forum was hosted in Myanmar “at an important time” in the country’s history.“As Myanmar pursues growth, it becomes all the more important to instil values of business responsibility not only among the private sector but among all key stakeholders of the economy,” he said. “With economic progress high on our priority list, our aspirations include providing better quality of life for our people in ways that are socially responsible and sustainable.

Over 600 delegates from 30 countries have attended and discussed about of Corporate Social Innovation, Sustainable Business and Inclusiveness Growth by global and regional perspectives and forum emphasized on how business, government and social enterprise can harness the power of Corporate Social Innovation (CSI) to uplift communities, transform countries and create a better future for all.
Among the topics featured on the first day of concurrent sessions were: identifying opportunities and building new markets to meet the challenge of disparity; leadership at the intersection of innovation and competitive advantage; public sector innovation; encouraging innovators – how the millennials are changing the world; breakthrough business models; and Asian family enterprises lead innovation and sustainable businesses.
Dr Hannah Kyaw Thaung, advisory board member of KT Care Foundation, has delivered presentation on strategic approaches to philanthropy that based on the experience of KT Care Foundation and her academic learning at first day concurrent session.
Concurrent session topics on the following day were: advancing CSR through technology and innovation; financing social good and innovation; sustainable development goals (SDGs) and why business matters; sustainable cities and technological innovation; innovation impact and assessment; and building effective multi-stakeholder partnerships.
The AFCSR event came to a close following the Asian CSR Awards dinner on Wednesday night. The AFCSR is the premier platform for promoting CSR thought leadership and best practices in Asia. It was founded in the Philippines by the RVR Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

(Ref:AFCSR Forum andBoneo News)

u-than-aung-kyaw-deputy-director-general-directorate-of-investment-andComputer training session held by KT Care‘s Community Facilitatoration
U Than Aung Kyaw, Deputy Director General, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration
Dr Hannah Kyaw Thaung


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